Motospeed CK73 RGB Mechanical Programmable Gaming Keyboard 電競自定義遊戲鍵盤

Motospeed CK73 RGB Mechanical Programmable Gaming Keyboard 電競自定義遊戲鍵盤

Motospeed is a guarantee of quality for gamers- thanks to its metal frame it provides strength and stability. In addition, 87-key keyboard system in conjunction with the lighting system facilitates work at the computer. The design of the device is adapted primarily to the needs of gamers. It is equipped with Blue switches, so it will be reliable during gameplay. You don't have to worry about compatibility issues either, you can connect it to your Windows or Mac computer.


Motospeed 是遊戲玩家質量的保證 - 得益於其金屬框架,它提供了強度和穩定性。 此外,87鍵鍵盤系統與燈光系統的配合也更加方便。 該設備的設計主要適應遊戲玩家的需求。 它配備了藍色開關,因此在遊戲過程中會很可靠。 您也不必擔心兼容性問題,您可以將它連接到您的 Windows 或 Mac。


The Gateron red switch has crisp sound, sensitive response, comfortable hand feel and stable performance.


RGB dynamic light effect system, built-in 12 kinds of light effects, easy to switch.


Two-color injection PBT keycap brings more delicate feel, stable and wear-resistant, the characters are not easy to fade.


FN+F1~F12 multimedia combination keys realize volume adjustment, song switch, play/pause and other operations, convenient to use.




RGB 動態燈效系統,內置12種燈效,輕鬆切換。






RGB 機械式電競鍵盤 紅軸

Keyboard Switch Type: Gateron Red Switch

  • 12 種 RGB LED 燈光效果
  • 8 色單鍵切換 LED 燈
  • 每鍵均可編程及自定 RGB 燈光
  • 5 級調節燈光亮度 / 呼吸速度
  • Keyboard Type : RGB Mechanical
  • Connection method : wired
  • Keyboard material : ABS, aluminum alloy
  • Connection method : wired
  • Keyboard Lifespan ( times) : 50 million
  • Ergonomics: Support
  • Product size: 382.25mm(L)* 157.51mm(W)* 36.26mm(H)


Anti-ghosting function, 12 backlighting modes, customizable backlighting modes, 8 backlighting color variations, 12 function keys.

防重影功能,12 種背光模式,可定制的背光模式,8 種背光顏色變化,12 個功能鍵。


Support 12 kinds of super dazzling lighting RGB effects.Wave mode, single point mode, neon mode, cross mode, aurora mode, heat map mode, ripple mode,Breathing mode, horse racing mode, starry mode, static mode, radar mode.


Function Description:
1. Support 12 kinds of super dazzling lighting RGB effects.
2. Support FN+ESC reset function, restore to "wave mode" default light
3. Support FN+PS front light off/on backlight function
4. Support FN+"←/→" front individual mode direction adjustment
5. Support FN+SCR LK front individual mode stop or start adjustment
6. Support Scr Lock, Caps Lock, Win Lock independent light indication

  • 品牌: Motospeed
  • 型號: CK73
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