Minix Neo P1 66w Turbo 3 Ports GaN PD+USB Charger 快速充電器

Minix Neo P1 66w Turbo 3 Ports GaN PD+USB Charger 快速充電器


MINIX’s 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger combines two USB-C port and a USB-A port to create a next-gen charger that delivers unprecedented power and portability.

Powered by the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, MINIX’s 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger is capable of delivering a massive amount of power while maintaining an ultra-lightweight and compact form factor.

MINIX’s 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger replaces the silicon found in traditional chargers with Gallium Nitride (GaN), creating a turbo charger that achieves higher efficiency and significantly reduces heat, making it safer, faster, and smaller.



With 66W, there is plenty of power to share around with 2 x USB-C (supporting Power Delivery 3.0) and 1 x USB-A (supporting Quick Charge 3.0) ports.

Giving you the power to simultaneously charge your laptop, smartphone, and another USB device all at the same time.



Our 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger automatically adjusts the power output of each port depending on the devices connected to it.

So, no matter what device is plugged into the end of your cable, it will be charged quickly and safely.



Thanks to its high-density thin heat sinks, our turbo charger achieves industry-beating low operating temperature, and its fire-resistant polycarbonate enclosure provides an additional layer of protection.

Our 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger’s multi protection safety system ensures complete protection for connected devices from overvoltage, input and output overcurrent, short circuit, and overheating.

You can trust it to charge perfectly for many years to come.



The cleverly designed, built-in foldable wall plug tucks away when not in use, further reducing MINIX NEO P1’s size, and avoiding the need for bulky power cables.

Our 66W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger supports worldwide universal 100-240V voltage.

EU and UK adapters are included in the box for near-worldwide compatibility, making it the perfect travel companion.



MINIX NEO P1 supports the majority of Quick Charging Protocols, including Apple PD 3.0, Android QC4+, QC 3.0 etc.

It is compatible with most USB-A and USB-C smartphones, tablets, laptops and electronic devices.


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  • 型號: P1
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