Onikuma K10 Pro RGB Gaming Headset with mic 頭戴式電競耳機

Onikuma K10 Pro RGB Gaming Headset with mic 頭戴式電競耳機


The ONIKUMA K10 PRO is a professional gaming headset that equips with 50mm speaker unit which can greatly improve sound quality. This gaming headset is so unique because it minimizes background noises and distortions when playing which helps give accurate clear sound and high frequency.

ONIKUMA K10 PRO是一款專業的遊戲耳機,配備50mm揚聲器單元,可大幅提升音質。 這款遊戲耳機非常獨特,因為它在播放時最大限度地減少了背景噪音和失真,有助於提供準確清晰的聲音和高頻。



Perfect fusions of metal iron mesh elements, plastic and electroplating ornaments, simple atmospheres, rigorous craftsmanship, elegant sound quality, clear three-frequency levels, and surging bass; with imitation protein leather earmuffs, it is soft and comfortable to wear No pressure, RGB marquee streamer light dazzling effect, dynamic, high-noise ratio anti-interference microphone, ergonomic design, with line control adjustable volume and microphone switch.

金屬鐵網元素、塑膠、電鍍飾件完美融合,簡約大氣,嚴謹工藝,音質優雅,三頻層次清晰,低音澎湃; 仿蛋白皮耳罩,佩戴柔軟舒適無壓力,RG跑馬燈流光炫彩效果,動態高噪比抗干擾麥克風,人體工學設計,帶線控可調音量和麥克風開關。



Equipped with 50mm large speaker units. Great performance of vioce, super bass shake your soul. It is the perfect choice for enjoying immersive games and music. Precise sound positioning allows you to easily distinguish the sounds of enemies in the game, such as footsteps and gunshots.

配備50mm大喇叭單元。 超強的中音表現,超強的低音震撼你的靈魂。 它是享受身臨其境的遊戲和音樂的完美選擇。 精準的聲音定位,讓你輕鬆分辨遊戲中敵人的聲音,例如腳步聲、槍聲等。



This gaming headset is equipped with a sensitive microphone and uses noise reduction technology. It can effectively eliminate noise and provide you with a clean and clear chat with your friends. You can adjust the voice volume in time, or turn off the microphone through the voice controller on the cable.

這款遊戲耳機配備靈敏麥克風,並採用降噪技術。 它可以有效消除噪音,讓您與朋友的聊天更乾淨、更清晰。 您可以及時調節音量,或通過數據線上的語音控制器關閉麥克風。



Lightweight materials, and design with adjustable headband and full-covering earmuffs with soft memory foam, can bring you an excellent comfortable wearing experience, and ensure long-term wear Stressful gaming experience. Comes with a 2.25m braided cable, which is long enough to allow you to move freely when wearing it.

輕巧的材料,以及可調節頭帶和帶有柔軟記憶泡沫的全覆蓋耳罩的設計,可以為您帶來出色的舒適佩戴體驗,並確保長期佩戴壓力的遊戲體驗。 隨附一條 2.25m 編織線,長度足以讓您在佩戴時自由移動。


  • RGcolor backlight
  • Speaker diameter: 50mm
  • Impedance: 32ohm±15%
  • Sensitivity: 116dB±3dB
  • Frequency: 20-20,000Hz
  • Mic dimensions: 6.0 * 2.7mm
  • Mic sensitivity: -36dB +/- 3dB
  • Cable length: 2.2m
  • Mic impedance: 2.2kohm
  • with Microphone


Widely compatible with PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mac OS, IOS device, Mobile Phone, iPad, Android device, PS4, PS Vita, PSP, Nintendo Switch etc.


Package included :
1 * Gaming Headset
1 * 1 to 2 3.5mm Jack adapter
1 * Multilingual User Manual

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  • 型號: K10 Pro
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