Onten 12 in 1 Type-C Multi-Function Dock Station - Dual HDMI 4K UC601

Onten 12 in 1 Type-C Multi-Function Dock Station - Dual HDMI 4K UC601

Type-C Multi-function dock station 12 in 1


Interfaces and connectors :

2 x USB Type-C, microSD/TF, SD, AUX 3.5mm, Ethernet RJ45, VGA, 2 x HDMI (4K), 3 x USB3.0


OC compatible :

Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows


HDMI Port for HD Visual Feast / Simultaneous audio and video transmission Mirror or extend your screen with USB C adapter HDMI port and directly stream, monitor or projector.

The HDMI interface allows you to transfer video in 4K / HD format to the big screen.

使用 USB C 適配器 HDMI 端口鏡像或擴展您的屏幕,並直接串流、顯示器或投影儀。

HDMI 接口將 4K 高清格式的視頻傳輸到大屏幕。


Premium space aluminum

Shell makes the USB C hub sturdy and durable, Also designed to prevent overheating, keeping you and Your devices secure. Plug and play, no software, drivers or complicated installation required. Made of aluminum alloy material and integrated smart chip with good heat dissipation function.


外殼使 USB C 集線器堅固耐用,還旨在防止過熱,確保您和您的設備的安全。 即插即用,無需軟件、驅動程序或複雜的安裝。 採用鋁合金材質,集成智能芯片,具有良好的散熱功能。


Super speed Data Transfer

This USB Type C hub adds extra 2 USB3.0 ports for connecting multiple USB peripheral devices such as flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, MP3 player and more.

這款 USB Type C 集線器增加了額外的 2 個 USB3.0,用於連接多個 USB 設備,如閃存驅動器、硬盤、鍵盤、鼠標、打印機、MP3 播放器等。


Support PD charging

This multi port USB C adapter provides one Type-C pass-through female port by which you could securely charge connected new Macbook or other Type-C laptop.

這款多端口 USB C 適配器提供一個 Type-C 直通母端口,您可以通過該端口安全地為連接的新 Macbook 或其他 Type-C 筆記本電腦充電。


Smart temperature control

In addition, Onten OTN-UC601 Type-C Type-C build-in smart chips – protection systems to avoid over-current, over-voltage, short circuit and high-temperature for security and excellent performance.


  • 品牌: Onten
  • 型號: UC601
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • $499.00
  • $460.00