Motospeed H18 Gaming Headset with mic 頭戴式電競耳機

Motospeed H18 Gaming Headset with mic 頭戴式電競耳機

Fashinable appearance and all-ear package design,using suspended double-head bean design,suitable for all kinds of head types.

Adopt the 50MM super-large driving unit to enhance the bass and the overall sound range, the sound is accurate and in place, allowing you to be in the scene.

Imitation protein earmuff is skin -friendly and comfortable,according to shape of the ear, it can completely cover your ear and give you unlimited surround sound quality.

Strong anti-violence, resistance to falling and folding,metal head girder, woven PVC mainline, soft and tough, not easily wound.

Light body, no sense of pressure on the head, no wearing for a long time.






  • USB 7.1 channel Surround sound
  • 3D Surround Stereo
  • Blue color backlight
  • Cable Length: 2.2m
  • Output: 30mW
  • Sensitivity: 42±3dB
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
  • Resistance: 32Ω±10%
  • with Microphone
  • 品牌: Motospeed
  • 型號: H18
  • 庫存狀態: 有現貨
  • $198.00


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