HDMI Premium Cable - ULTRA HD 4K*2K 60Hz V2.0 Cable (Support 3D)

HDMI Premium Cable - ULTRA HD 4K*2K 60Hz V2.0 Cable (Support 3D)

採用鋁合金外殼、新型環保 PVC 外護套和堅固的鍍錫連接器進行加固。 經過精心設計,具有極高的耐用性。


超高速 4K HDMI 線纜可為您提供高達 18 Gbps 的傳輸速率,鏡像和擴展模式,支持 4K、2K、1080P、48 位/像素 HDR 色深。通用兼容性,並向後兼容早期版本的 HDMI 電纜 (1.3/1.4/2.0/2.0a)。


超柔軟全高清線纜實現強勁穩定的視頻信號傳輸,可防止外部信號干擾。 全面支持 60Hz 4K 分辨率,色彩鮮豔,動態範圍高,可實現更高的對比度和鮮豔的色彩。 您可以享受大屏幕和逼真的 5K 視覺效果,以獲得極致的視覺體驗。


It is reinforced with an aluminum alloy shell, a new environmentally-friendly PVC outer sheath and a sturdy tinned connector. After careful design, it has extremely high durability.


Ultra-high-speed 4K HDMI cable can provide you with a transmission rate of up to 18 Gbps, mirroring and expansion modes, supporting 4K, 2K, 1080P, 48-bit/pixel HDR color depth. Universal compatibility, and backward compatibility with earlier versions of HDMI cables (1.3/1.4/2.0/2.0a).


The ultra-soft full HD cable realizes strong and stable video signal transmission, which can prevent external signal interference. Fully supports 4K resolution at 60Hz, with vivid colors and high dynamic range, which can achieve higher contrast and vivid colors. You can enjoy the large screen and realistic 5K visual effects for the ultimate visual experience.


  • High speed HDTV 2.0 transmission
  • ULTRA HD 4K*2K 60Hz
  • Support 3D Ultra HD 3D
  • 正標19+1 超導銅包鋼線芯
  • OD0.8MM
  • 鋁合金 + 24K 鍍金頭 Full Metal Connectors
  • 型號: HDMI Premium Cable
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